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Tour selection

Welcome to the panoramatour of the "Hollywood Media Hotel". Following you can choose between an automatic tour or discover the hotelareas interactively.

• Reception and serviceareas

• Our rooms

• Congresses and events

• Guided tour

Reception and serviceareas

• Hotelfoyer

• "Arturo´s Bar"

• Themecorner "Es muß nicht immer..."

• Restaurant "Bel Air"

• Lunchbuffett "Bel Air"

• Themecorner "Olsenbande"

• Themecorner "Stan & Olly"

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Our rooms

• Hotelfloor

• "Heinz Rühmann"

• Anti-allergic room

• "Titanic" livingroom

• "Titanic" bedroom

• "Titanic" bathroom

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Congresses and events

• "Babelsberg-Fox-Paramount"

• Bankettfoyer

• Conferenceroom "CCC"

• "Spuk unter´m Riesenrad"

• Cinema "Neu Lupe"

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